EU Exports of Soft Wheat, Feed Barley Decline amid Coronavirus Spread 4 february 2020, 14:00

At the beginning of the 2019/20 season, as of February 2, 2020, all export of grain crops from the EU countries totals 26.096 million tons, up 58% from 2018/19 and up 61% from last week. All imports of grain crops have amounted to 16.271 million tons, down 12% from 2018/19 season (down 11% from last week), the agn. "Grain On-Line" has reported citing the EU official journal.

Analysts said the European exports declined due to the coronavirus epidemic.

EU countries exported 16.355 million tons of soft wheat, up 65% from 2018/19 and up 69% from last week. Soft wheat imports amounted to 1.455 million tons, up 52% from 2018/19 (down 51% from last week).

The EU countries exported 4.336 million tons of feed barley to third countries, up 51% from 2018/19 season and up 54% from last week. Barley imports amounted to 507.900 thousand tons, up 365% from 2018/19 and up 366% from last week.

The EU countries exported 2.689 million tons of corn, up 134% from 2018/19 season and up 122% from last week. Corn imports amounted to 13.022 million tons, down 7% from 2018/19 (down 7% from last week).